We are Coach3. Online Personal Trainers.

Coach3 is an Online personal training entity developed to fulfil training needs on a personalised and expert level.

Meet the Team

Andrew Wilson

CEO / Personal Trainer

Andrew is the team’s holistic approach to fitness, running corporate seminars on wellbeing and managing stress during busy lifestyles. His programming is geared towards stress reduction and moving towards a higher quality lifestyle. Outside work Andrew competes in martial arts, Spartan racing and other challenging obstacle races.

Peter Kemp

CEO / Personal Trainer

Pete is our veteran exercise specialist, working in the fitness industry for 20+ years. Having worked and studied in Scotland before moving to New Zealand. Pete specialises in providing no nonsense training strategies that are dynamic and engaging enough to be carried out by everyday people who lead busy and committed lifestyles. Outside of work, Pete competes in National level powerlifting competitions.

What We Believe

We believe that fitness should be accessible to everyone regardless of ability or experience. Above all we believe that there is no substitute for hard work and dedication. But this must be approached intelligently for the best results to be made available to everyone. Training hard is about what you do in the gym, but training effectively is about living a balanced lifestyle.

What We Do

What we do is provide safe and effective exercise strategies to help you reach your training goals. With 20 + years of collective experience, we create personalised training programs for all levels of experience and fitness, over the largest range goals that our clients have provided us.

How We Do It

We offer a large range of training plans designed from an algorithm, from fat loss to muscle gain, 2 days to 5 days per week, beginner to advanced a whole lot more. Download your plan and get started now from our shop page.For those of you who would prefer a more individualised plan we also design personalised programmes specific to individual needs. Or why not come and see us in person. To arrange individual programming or a face to face meet just fill out a contact form and we will be in touch.